KENNYG KGTSLSGIV Kenny G G Series Tenor Sax Lacquer, Silver Bell,Bow,Neck


This is the G-Series KGTSLS-GIV model. The G-Series is a unique collaboration with original design and tooling of saxophonist Kenny G and saxophone designer Rheuban Allen. This instrument takes the standard tenor design and improves it for the 21st century. Features on this instrument includes a light gold baked-on lacquer, silver-plated bell, bow and necks, a modern body bore, lower palm keys for ease of hand position, hand-engraving, two necks, drawn tone holes and a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. This saxophone has great response and accurate intonation. The tone quality is similar to a famous, discontinued Paris model. One extra neck has a 2 solder point brace for maximum response. This design eliminates a big brace that reduces the response found on most saxes. The keys were hand-fitted for smooth, fast action. Pisoni pads are used for the keywork. Each instrument is performance adjusted in our NAPBIRT shop for optimal playability. Also included in this outfit is a wood-shell case and all accessories. Please contact us with any questions about this exciting product. Included with purchase: 1 year Parts and Labor.

Manufacturer: KENNYG
KENNYG KGTSLSGIV Kenny G G Series Tenor Sax Lacquer, Silver Bell,Bow,Neck
Regular Price: $2,895.00
CIC Price $1,995.00

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