2021 Beginning Band Rent-To-Own Special


$8.95 + tax (total) for the first two months ($20.00 for alto saxophone) for all instruments that are not New.

New instruments will rent for one month at the regular monthly rental rate. (shown below when you select your instrument)

Maintenance Protection is included at no additional charge for the trial period. Continue the protection for $4.45 per month for all instruments except alto saxophone, $6.95.

Regular monthly prices will display below when you choose your instrument and which level (New, Like New, Rental Return, Budget; subject to availability) you choose. The "Trial Rental Payment" period is 1 month for New and 2 months for all other previously rented levels.

Click here for Rent-To-Own Specifics

In the drop-downs below, you will:
1) select your school district name. For private or parochial schools choose "Private Schools". If you are renting through one of our "Affiliate Stores", choose "Affiliate Store". If you do not attend a school choose "No School".

2) your school building name or Affiliate Store name

3) In the "select teacher" drop-down, choose BAND.

All instruments subject to availability.

Select School:
Select Teacher:
Select Instrument: