2018 Beginning Strings and Background Winds Lease Program

Please note: the Trial Rental Payment period for string instruments is 3 months with the pricing as follows: $5.00 violin/viola; $12.00 cello; $20 bass. This is the total plus sales tax for the entire 3 months. Maintenance is FREE for these instruments ONLY during the first 3 months. Leave the box checked on the next page to keep the REMP (Replacement and Extended Maintenance Protection) in effect. $3.50 per month for violin/viola; $5.50 per month for cello/bass.

The Trial Rental Payment Period for the background winds is 2 months with the pricing as follows: $58.00 oboe, $71.00 French Horn; $84.00 tenor saxophone & baritone. Beginning in the 3rd month you pay month to month. REMP (Replacement and Extended Maintenance Protection) is available for $5.50 per month.

Click here for Lease Specifics

In the drop-downs below, you will:
1) select your school district name (private or parochial schools choose "Private Schools")

2) choose your school building name or Affiliate Store

3) In the "select teacher" drop-down, choose "Strings/Background Winds".

All instruments subject to availability.

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